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Joel Marks
Solution Focused Practitioner
Table of Contents

Coaching and wellness

Qualified with BRIEF, the UK’s leading provider of SFBT (Solution Focused Brief Therapy) training.

I am a GHR registered clinical hypnotherapist attaining PDHyp with ICCHP, one of the UK’s most respected Hypnotherapy schools. I have reached more than 20k on YouTube with positive interventions for confidence, sleep, pain management and more.

Therapy and psychedelics

Since 2017 I have developed in broad knowledge of the therapeutic use of psychedelics in modern, neo-shamanic, healing contexts and am creating educational resources for coaches wishing to engage with the subject matter.

I have an ongoing interest in the discussion around so-called “bad trips,” spiritual awakening and ontological shock and it’s relationship to use of psychoactive substances and the healing process.


My degree is with The Open University, BSc Hons (Open) and with Liverpool University. I have read courses in (most recent first) international business collaboration, social marketing, business studies for government and non-profit, international development, computer information systems and psychology.

Specialist background

For the last few years I have been working in London as an audio visual technician. This has included A/V engineering at a large multi-room venue in central London as well as freelance work. I have taught theory and practice of music synthesis and have an ongoing interest music technology.